From Tree to Bar

Cacao beans & all related products

Africa - S. America - SEA 


Care from the Day-1 

Sun, soil, water - all in top-shape.

  To love the Cacao means for us to care for its plant from the very first day. Its mean  to connect with nature around, the people who live there and their culture. To be well-informed we exploring the area far beyond the borders of our Cacao plantations - we staying in the jungle, climbing the mounts and boating on the rivers - we do all we can to be connected with the Nature. 

Celebrating Choco-time 

Let's do it together!

We invite all the ispired artisans to try our selected Cacao products in your chocolate recipes. Contact us to order one of our welcome packages with  unique collection of beans and Cacao masses. Please don't wait toooo long - this offer is naturally limited.

Exclusive Cacao Beans Collection
Exclusive Cacao Beans Collection