Future Chocolate, or "Secret recipes"


As a chocolate-lovers, we see today big Boom for "Real Chocolate", "Bean-to-Bar" and similar new trends, what is great, as the choice is going wider and wider! However, living next to the national park in Thailand, we created many recipes, still unrepeatable. Cacao which enhance Dopamine, Cacao with selected healing activated Charcoal, Cacao with wild nuts and berries... Receiving new gifts from the Nature directly and regularly, we only were in regrets that couldn't share all that plenty of tastes with other Chocolate-gourmands.

Night - the time of Cacao-Magic

All in-time - now we do it in Moscow!

After years next to the Park & jungles we were living on koh Phangan - small popular island nearby with lots of tourists and events, where we found many attractive ways to invite people to Chocolate-activities. Extatic dances, Cacao volunteer-classes, chocolate-degustations... All that eventually created our own Chocolate brand - "Asharam Chocolate", still popular on the island.

Now we in Russia, with new brand - "Ahimsa Chocolate", sharing the principle of non-violence - Ahimsa, using our delicious Chocolate recipes. We use only ingreadients, which received without violence - organically limited choice for great taste of Chocolate, traditional powerful Cacao and related products!

Tree to Bar Cacao
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