Secret Lands of Cacao 


   Together with well-known Cacao-places, such as Africa & America, there are many "new", just recently discovered. One of this land with amazing, unqiue Cacao of few kinds - Nakhon SI Thammarat in Thailand. The place we met our first Cocoa tree, and not just a single tree - the whole Cacao forest awaited for us! Next we realized, that forest will not gonna stay long - as owners wanted to cut all Cacao trees and plant something more profitable. And we started to do all we could imagine -  to save our new friends - Cacao trees.

    Immediately after meeting with Cacao we made our first chocolate, and Life, full of Cacao-pleasures, surprisingly begins! Also I made a website, dedicated to that awesome, sacred and ancient land - Nakhon SI Thammarat Travel.  And soo we start to travel all around the Kingdom of Thailand to spread the great value and original flavour of South-Thai Cocoa and its unlimited benefits and potential.

I wrote quite a lot of posts about the Cacao that time. But because most of them were posted on our own (not very popular) websites, the impact of such an efforts was modest:

And few more on Russian language - my native. 

Tree to Bar Cacao
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